Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Jerry Sandusky Named in Poly Prep Child Prostitution Ring From The 1970's

sandusky child porn
 Jerry Sandusky Named in Poly Prep Child Prostitution Ring From The 1970's

Jerry Sandusky faces life in prison and is also allegedly involved in a child prostitution ring uncovered at Poly Prep Country Day School in Brooklyn. Greg Bucceroni, 48, claims that he was a child prostitute handpicked for Sandusky but was passed off to someone else because he became “unavailable.” KTLA
“Between 1977-1980 I was a child prostitute associated with a tri-state (NYC-NJ-Pa) pedophile ring. (During the) summer of 1979, I was brought to the State College area by Ed Savitz for the purpose of child prostitution with Jerry Sandusky at a Second Mile fundraiser. Due to time constraints, Sandusky became unavailable and I was introduced to Phil Foglietta by Ed Savitz & Jerry Sandusky. Foglietta was introduced to us as Coach Phil who coached youth football in NYC. Foglietta agreed to pay $200.00 for child sex and followed us back to a Philadelphia hotel. Myself and another child prostitute then engaged coach Phil in child sex.”
Coach Phil” was never charged with any crimes during his 25 years at Poly Prep, in 2004 but ten former students filed a lawsuit, “alleging the school failed to protect them from sexual abuse at the hands of Foglietta,” reports KTLA.
“I’m not surprised there was another case related to [Sandusky]….that there was a tri-state ring,” said Carol Smolenski, Executive Director of End Child Prostitution and Trafficking (EC-PAT USA). “As all of these cases are showing, it’s respectable people, well-paid businessmen, or so many people in positions of power that are exploiting children.”
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